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Homemade Bloody Marry Cocktail

Preparation time: We're going for the easy quick version


Hey, this one almost seems healthy! Or at least an appropriate cocktail for mornings, just call it an extra value nutritional breakfast. A Bloody Mary is a cocktail based on vodka, tomato juice, Worcestershire sauce and other spices and flavorings that add up to many different variations. It's a great one for Halloween - all red and bloody. We'll stick to the classic one with this recipe, and you can play with the ingredients later to perfect the drink for your own taste.


2 Ounces vodka

4 Ounces tomato juice

2 Dashes Tabasco sauce

2-4 Dashes Worcestershire sauce

Dash of lemon juice

Pinch of sea salt

Pinch of black pepper

Garnish: celery stalk, lemon slice, olives


1. Add plenty of ice and all of your ingredients to a shaker

2. Stir

3. Strain into a highball glass full of ice

4. Add a celery stick and lemon slice/olives/whatever you feel like adding will probably work ,including shrimp and bacon

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