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What Do I Need To Make Cocktails at Home?

We've put together a short list of 5 essential tools and equipment your home bar won't be complete without. From the basic cocktail shaker to a bar spoon to stir all the goodness you'll mix, these are just the basics to get you started.

Your home bar needs bottles, sure, but the the right tools and glasses will take your drinks to the next level. There's no need to spend a fortune - we all just rather invest in good quality alcohol - but these simple bar tools are home bar basics you should own:

Shaker - Guess what? You need one to shake your drinks. Also, it allows for you to make funny faces while chilling your cocktails.

Jigger - Used to measure out a jigger (1.5 US fluid ounces) of liquor. Adding just the right amount of something makes your frinks that much better and consistent.

Strainer - After mixing your drink you'll need to pour it to a glass, but leave the unwanted stuff behind

Bar Spoon - reach even the largest shakers or deepest mugs with this long spoon. A bar spoon holds about 5 milliliters of liquid, the same as a conventional teaspoon, but looks much nicer.

Glasses - you want the Martini glasses, some rocks glass, highball and a couple of shot glasses, if you don't already have them.

There, we said it'll be short. You can go on with your drinking now.

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