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5 Must Have Glass Types For your Home Bar

Assuming you already have more than a few favorite cocktails you already prepare at home, it's about time to invest in some proper glassware.

Different drinks usually have a designated glass to be served in, and yes, it tastes better that way, and yes, martini glasses are actually a reasonable thing to own. Except for the obvious champagne, wine or beer glass, this list is our recommendations for the must have glasses for your home bar:

Mainly used to serve straight-up cocktails, the long stem of the glass prevents the drink from being warmed when holding it. Although a proper cocktail glass is slightly smaller and more rounded than a martini glass, they are often used interchangeably, and one type is totally sufficient for your home bar.

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Festive design:

Insulated martini glass:

Highball and Collins Glasses

Each glass is slightly different in size and capacity (Collins glasses are usually taller and narrower), but they are basically used for the same cocktails that require plenty of ice.

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Novelty Italian Highball Glasses:

Marquis by Waterford Markham Collins Glasses:

Old-Fashioned Glass

Also called Rocks or Lowball glass, these glasses are used for short mixed drinks served with ice or for serving spirits, such as whisky. Also great for cocktail that have ingredients that need to be mashed using a muddler thanks to its usually thick base

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Old Fashioned Whiskey Glasses:

Crystal Old Fashioned Cocktail Glasses:

Shot Glass

Most commonly for the quick neat consumption of spirits - originally designed to hold or measure cocktail ingredients.

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Heavy Base Shot Glass:

Glassware and Shot Stand:

Margarita Glass

Distinctive shape, especially great for frozen margaritas, can double as a cocktail glass.

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Margarita Party Glasses:

Mexican Hand Blown Glass:

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